The Alligator Way

Most business owners find themselves reaching a point where it’s counterproductive for them to maintain their company’s bookkeeping and financial practices. Once this happens, it is imperative to retain the service of a strategic partner who can offload those heavy responsibilities, and return practical and timely reporting of all financial data available. We thrive on keeping the tightest grip on your books, on the data that means the most to you, and your decision making ability.


Let’s create a simple strategy, maintained routinely to keep record of all transactions related to your customers, vendors, employees, and banking relationships.


Gov’t agencies, insurance agencies, banks and other financially interested parties hire auditors to inspect every detail thoroughly. Alligators eat auditors for breakfast.


WE HAVE THE NERDS!!! Monthly banking, credit card, and loan accounts statements allow you to accurately close out each period. This is an essential component to financial reporting and the only way to eliminate costly errors.


Employees, supervisors, managers, partners and ourselves are all categorized as human. Ancient term meaning flawed, emotional and needing a hug often. We can coach your team to work together. To work more efficiently and in a thoughtful manner that promotes the company’s success. Halftime speeches sold separately.


Employees, Benefits, Workers Comp Codes, Payroll, Tax Payments, Payroll Reporting, W2, 1099. Seriously, we can handle every aspect of your payroll and have some very happy clients that will tell you all about it...


The most unique aspect of our success is the ability to collaborate with our clients. Make the time to dream aloud, and then we can create a path to achieve what your business needs next. Let’s take an hour to discover how we can make a difference.

The Alligator Advantage

We are a fully staffed, professional bookkeeping and business management firm with an office located on the East Side of Bozeman. We only staff certified and fully vetted bookkeepers, with various degrees, and unique professional skills that match with the needs. We currently maintain a diverse range of industries, which enable us to facilitate a wealth of knowledge and contact to refer back to our client base. Most importantly, we take the opportunity to learn our clients business, their perspective, their pains and prides and we then formulate a plan together. We are professional, humble and intentional about the work and the relationship with each of our clients.

Alligator Business Concepts

Business owners all share a common preference – no matter the industry or the name of their currency, three values are in mind at the genesis of their business:


When any business is formed, there is a decision made to increase the amount of these values for those creating the business opportunity. These companies are inspired by Freedom and by having the Flexibility to exercise those Freedoms, in an effort to maintain a level of Control in their lives. Our business is making sure your business is current, on course and accountable in the achievement of your goals.

Take it from our friends

We provide confident, supportive and amenable leadership to help you and your team succeed.

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Introduce your business and yourself to us. Please take the time to explain what 'pains' you in your business, and share what gives you 'pride' in your business. Ask us to schedule time to connect together, so that we can discuss our thoughts and plan a solution that will move us closer to your goals.

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